2.88 million euros for European cultural heritage through the European Heritage Hub program

The call for projects has been launched for the establishment of the European Heritage Hub, a space that will bring together actors from the European, national and regional levels, with the aim of increasing the involvement and participation of citizens concerning the European cultural heritage.

With a budget of 2.88 million euros, the initiative aims at a common, transversal action, in order to share resources and expertise, both from the private and the public sector, regarding European cultural heritage.

This initiative promotes an integrated approach to European cultural heritage policies, innovative models of participatory governance and management, as well as constructive exchanges of ideas for a better integration of this dimension in relevant policies.

MEP Victor Negrescu, as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) in the European Parliament, has repeatedly requested that at least 2% of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans be allocated to the cultural and creative sector and proposed concrete measures to support the European cultural heritage, as well as the allocation of additional resources to this sector that has significant economic potential.

Examples of the proposed measures include: supporting European networks and initiatives that lead to increased cooperation between experts, decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders from this sector, the promotion of history and heritage from all over Europe through the House of European History, as well as the creation of platforms dedicated to learning and the exchange of best practices on this topic.

The call for projects will be open until October 18.

Additional information is available at: 

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