MEP Victor Negrescu pleads for a ”true geopolitical Europe” that starts enlargement talks with Ukraine and Moldova and supports the path of peace in the Middle East

Europe needs a bolder foreign policy, without image games, with a serious and coherent position at global level. This is the message outlined by MEP Victor Negrescu in the second plenary debate of October in Strasbourg, where the European Parliament discussed the theme “A true geopolitical Europe now”.

Taking the floor in plenary, Victor Negrescu argued that Europe cannot afford to retreat and isolate itself from global problems, because what Europe ignores today may become a problem tomorrow.

He cited the lack of a firm response to the Russian Federation, the absence of a coherent strategy on China, the deficient strategy in Africa and the Middle East or the postponement of the enlargement of the European Union.

These examples “show our common limits”, said the Social-Democrat MEP, while adding that “we need clear decisions, unity at European level, precise intervention instruments and extremely categorical responses”.

From his point of view, “a true geopolitical Europe will start accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, clarify the integration process of the Western Balkan countries, support the path of peace in the Middle East and find solutions to combat migration in partnership with the countries of origin”.

The Romanian MEP evoked the need of a “bolder foreign policy”, with better coordination and an active global role.

“For this we need to show a clear position on the terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel. We must firmly and clearly reject terrorism, anti-Semitism and hate speech”, Victor Negrescu added.

“Let us move beyond image games and restore the serious and coherent role of the European Union”, he called.

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