Victor Negrescu urges European institutions to express their support for the ”European Moldova” Assembly resolution to accelerate the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the EU

MEP Victor Negrescu urged the European institutions to express their support for the proposals outlined in the resolution of the ”European Moldova” Assembly, adopted in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau.

”Moldova’s European path towards the European Union is irreversible. I welcome and support all the proposals of the Resolution of the <<European Moldova>> Assembly, adopted in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau. That is why I have today addressed a letter to the European institutions (European Commission, Council, European Council and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy), asking them to express their support for the aspects highlighted in the resolution”, he announced.

He has always supported Moldova’s European path.

Negrescu mentioned that during his first mandate as MEP he had an office in Chisinau, when

he was Minister of European Affairs he relaunched the inter-institutional dialogue whereby Romania offered its expertise for the implementation of European legislation.

“In my new mandate as Member of the European Parliament, I had many amendments through which I managed to obtain additional financial resources for the Republic of Moldova, and now I am campaigning for pre-accession funds to be made available”, detailed Victor Negrescu.

In his view, ”the strong pro-European message sent by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova indicates the need to speed up the integration process and the fact that Romania is the biggest supporter of the European path of the Republic of Moldova, which can ensure the peace, stability and development that our brothers across the Prut need”.

The participants of the National Assembly “European Moldova” adopted a resolution calling on all parties and politicians to amend the Constitution “to definitively and irreversibly establish Moldova’s accession to the European Union”.

The document calls for ”opening accession negotiations as soon as possible and strengthening state institutions to ensure Moldova’s accession to the European Union, as well as a rapid implementation of European legislation through the involvement of specialists from countries that have recently gone through the same accession process, especially Romania”.

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