Victor Negrescu calls for a common European mechanism for Ukrainian grain transit: We need EU solidarity

MEP Victor Negrescu has called for setting up a common European mechanism for transit of Ukrainian grain to avoid putting all the pressure on frontline states.

“Grains from Ukraine are essential for meeting global needs, keeping prices at acceptable levels and for Ukraine’s economy. But we cannot put all the pressure on the frontline countries alone. In the case of Romania, which is making considerable efforts and ensures the transit of more than half of Ukrainian grain, the government’s efforts will double the export capacity through its ports”, Negrescu stressed in an intervention in the plenary session of the European Parliament.

In his view, a  ”common European mechanisms are needed to implement this process”.

”Grains must go where it is needed, not be stopped in its tracks by greedy traders. I call for the creation of a European transit mechanism for Ukrainian grains, from producer to final consumer in developing countries. We need EU solidarity with border countries”, was the MEP’s call.

Thus, Victor Negrescu proposes that the ”EU finances product monitoring, transport, grain quality, trade and export operations, while at the same time providing frontline states with funding for transport activities and support for local farmers”.

His call came in the context of the European Commission’s decision on 15th September not to extend restrictions on Ukrainian grain imports targeting five member states close to Ukraine, but called on Kiev to improve the efficiency of its exports.

Ukraine will thus have to present an action plan with measures to prevent any market distortion in neighbouring member states.

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